Composite Shape Definition

Composite Shape definition is required when the cross-section type in StructuralCrossSection sheet is set as “General”.

For manufactured types of a cross-section, Composite Shape Definition is optional, offering the possibility to share detailed shape definition, for better classification of the profile.

Specification in excel

Column header

Data type

Example / enum definition







Name of the profile from the StructuralCrossSection object sheet

Material name #



yes, if polygon is not opening

Name reference to the existing StructuralMaterial object

Polygon contour #


-75.0; 105.0| -175.0; 5.0| 175.0; 5.0| 75.0; 105.0

yes (at least one)

This attribute is used to define the cross-section geometry as a polygon contour.

One cross-section shape can consist of more polygons.

Openings contour are defined clockwise and don’t need Material name.

Any other polygons counterclockwise and require Material name specification.

The format of the data is:

y1; z1|y2; z2|y3; z3|yi; zi|yi+1; zi+1

The coordinates of the vertices are divided by “;” and each vertex separated by “|”

Keep in mind: enter dimensions in millimeters [mm] or inches [inch] (based on System of units set in Project and model specifications)





Unique attribute designation


The symbol “#” means indexing of the name columns, depends on how many polygons is used, starts from 1

The contour defined clockwise is opening

The contour defined counter clockwise is polygon of the general cross-section (relation between LCS and counter clockwise direction is shown below)


Each polygon has a defined material which is name reference to existing material in StructuralMaterial sheet

  • The opening has no material definition

  • Each polygon contour has to be closed

  • The set of all polygons and openings defines one general cross-section (one row in the Excel table)

  • The number of polygons is limited to 99. The definition of the general shape has to consist of at least one polygon which is not the opening.

  • CompositeShapeDef example with opening is shown below. A,B,C,D are defining the contour of cross-section (counter clockwise polygon) and E,F,K,L are defining the opening (clockwise polygon).