Supported shapes of parametric cross-section
Examples below are presented for "LCS of cross-section" set as ZYX in the sheet Project and model specification. For the other types, adjust the axis of the coordinate system of cross-section to the defined value of "LCS of cross-section" .
Parameters [mm]
H; B
Double rectangle
tha; Ba; a
Triple rectangle
tha; Ba; a
Rectangle with plates
tha; Ba; thb; Bb
Double rectangle with plates
Ba; ha; Bb; hb
I Section
H; Bh; Bs; ts; th; s
I Section with haunch
H; B; ta; s; ts; th
I Section with haunch Asymmetric
H; Bt; tt; tth; Bb; tb; tbh; s
T Section
H; B; th; sh
T Section with haunch
H; Bh; Bs; Bw; th
C Section
A; tha1; tha2; B; thb1; thb2
L Section
H; B; th; sh
L Section opposite
H; B; th; sh
U Section
H; B; th; sh
H; B
D; t
R; n
H; Bh; Bs
X Section
A; tha; B; thb
Z Section
A; tha; B; thb1; thb2; C
A; tha; B; thb1; thb2
Double box
Ba; ha; Bb; hb
I rolled
H; B; t; s; R
I rolled asymmetric
H; s; Bt; Bb; tt; tb; R
H; B; s; R; r1
H; B; t; R; R1
H; B; t; s; R
T tee
H; B; t; s; R
Z zee
H; B; t; s; R; R1
Cold formed Channel
H; B; s; r
Cold formed Channel with lips
H; B; s; r; c
Cold formed Zee
H; B; s; r
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